5 Eco Friendly Gifts for Friends and Loved Ones.

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Here are our 5 top Eco Friendly Gifts for Friends and Loved Ones.

Looking for memorable gift ideas for friends or your loved ones?  Instead of being pulled into the the last minute frenzy of the birthdays or holidays, consider a slow-handmade holiday, taking the time to reflect on what is truly meaningful, and offering the gift of time, conscious consideration, made with love. 


1. Gift Certificates

When its hard to find the perfect gift, a gift certificate can be a perfect solution.  We love this idea because it gives the recipient the freedom to choose what they really want, without the likelihood of re-gifting later on.  (which in actuality, is eco at its core, because it’s ultimately a form of recycling, isn’t it)  Narrow your choice of gift cards by considering what it meaningful to the recipient. 

Are they someone who loves to read?  Then a gift card to your local bookstore would be perfect. Or a coffee card to treat that special someone to a morning cup of coffee at their local haunt.

For the health conscious, Alterra Pure gift certificates are our top choice.  Since we spend 1/3or of our life in our beds, why not ensure that it’s quality time in 100% Organic Cotton Sheets from cool, crisp percale.  Good for you and the environment.


alterra pure organic cotton sheets make the perfect gift for birthday, holiday, or just because.


2. The Gift of Time

We all know that time is own of our most precious gifts so why not give the gift of time through handmade gift cards that can be customized to the individual needs of a loved one.  You can offer a service that would be helpful or supportive, saving a loved one time and the effort in their busy lives. This could include a gift certificate offering to wash a car, or walk a dog, a day of errands… There are so many options to consider when think of ways to give the gift of time.  And, it's not too intimate so it's a great gift for friends.


3. Donations

For the person who has everything, consider a donation made in their honor.  This could go towards a local Land Conservancy where your friend or loved one enjoys hiking, or an animal shelter for the animal lover.   This gift shows that you’re thinking of them in a truly meaningful way, and honoring their desire for no “presents” or more “stuff”, while still benefiting something they love and support.  This is another great small gift idea.



4. Gift Baskets

A favorite gift idea is a curated gift basket centered around a theme you know that special someone will love.

Restful Sleep

We can all benefit from things that support rest, relaxation and a good nights sleep.  This may include an Eye Mask that blocks out any light and encourages deep sleep.  A subscription to a Meditation App, that helps calm the mind, erasing the tensions of the day.  A candle that sets the mood with soft light and the mellowing fragrance of lavender, well-known for it’s ability to induce deep sleep.  And of course, a set of Alterra Pure Organic Cotton Pillow Cases, ensuring a healthy space to lay your head to rest, it's the perfect small gift idea.

Food Lovers

There’s nothing quite like a homemade meal, or a fresh baked loaf of bread, crafted with love and attention.  It just tastes better than anything store-bought.  For the food lover on your list, why not pick out your favorite recipe, in your favorite cookbook and include both in the basket along with any hard to find ingredients or supplies.  Maybe it requires a special spice that you happen to have extra of, or a tool not normally used but perfect for this particular recipe.  In the end, you get to share something you love and the recipient has a fun activity with the reward of a delicious treat in the end.  It's a great gift idea for your girlfriend or boyfriend.

The Organic Gardner

Do you know someone who has been wanting to start their own vegetable garden?  Maybe you can help the wish become a reality with a starter kit, including a favorite gardening book, seeds, tools, soil and a pot or even a garden box for the backyard.  This is a gift that will keep on giving, and who knows, maybe you’ll even receive a basket of fresh grown veggies as a gift in return.

5. DIY Gifts - Handmade with Love

If you’re a maker and love sharing your craft with loved ones, then there’s nothing quite as sweet as a handmade gift.  A holiday is always approaching, so you can always find something to fit your schedule and your pocketbook.

Hand knit Stockings

Use bulky yarn and big needles and you can whip up an incredibly special heirloom quality gift in no time, that will be treasured for years to come.

Knitted Hat

Baby it’s cold outside, and there’s nothing better then a cozy hat to top things off and keep all the warmth inside.


Make a batch of your favorite cookies and deliver it in a reusable box topped with an ornament to place on the tree.
There are so many family gift ideas, and we all know that the more considered gift will always leave a lasting impression on those we love.


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