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Alterra Pure is thrilled to be cited in Raepublic's article on 5 Ways to Detox your Home.  Rae focuses upon green living and a non-toxic home with specific attention to plant-based recipes and a vegan diet.  Essentially Rae's a dog-loving, flannel-wearing foodie from the Pacific Northwest.


raepublic five things to detox your home


So, there's so much detail in Rae's blog, so we won't spoil the juicy details, but here are the five things she focuses upon as ways to reduce the toxicity in your home:

  1. Mattress and Pillows
  2. Bedding (guess which brand she recommends :-)
  3. Sofas
  4. Wood, Metal and/or Stone Furniture
  5. Paint (this is a big one)

There's much more to explore on Rae's blog including sections on Lifestyle, Mental Health, Nutrition, Green Living, and of course, Vegan.  Be sure to check out Rae's Instagram, nearly a quarter-million followers can't be wrong.  


raepublic vegan recipes


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