Almost 30 Podcast: Ep 210 with Lacy Phillips

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Manifesting, Magnetizing + The Shadow Self with Lacy Phillips

Lacy Phillips, the master of manifestation joins Almost30 Podcast at the Soho House in West Hollywood.  Millana Snow of Wellness Official asked Almost30 to co-host with a live podcast as part of Wellness Official's elevated summer series. 

Lacy Phillips focuses upon manifestation in all that she does.  She defines manifestation as raising your self-worth in preparation to receive what you want, be money, a partner, or a even a new home.

lacy phillips joins millana snow and the Almost30 crew for a podcast


This episode takes attendees, including the Almost30 crew, into figuring out blocks and triggers. Lacy is so grounded, loving, and honest in her answers, offering so much help to the audience– and you!– to truly expand into alignment.  Questions covered relationships with others, fostering romantic relationships, magnetizing money, all the way to manifesting your dream life.

You can link to the podcast via the links below:

Direct LibSyn Link:

Almost30 Podcast Website:




 Almost30 with Millana Snow and Lacy Phillips live at the Soho House in Hollywood





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