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Alterra Pure sponsorship of the Almost30 podcast recently included an appearance by Ruthie Lindsey.  Ruthie is a renowned speaker, podcast host, and author who shares her stories to empower others to find purpose in their pain.  Ruthie's story of healing and rising through pain and suffering is amazing and beautiful.

ruthie lindsey on almost30 podcast

photo:  Aleah Milliner


Ruthie Lindsey also host the Unspoken Podcast with Miles Adcox.  In their podcast, they focus on those things that go unsaid in our lives with a focus on how important it is to confront and speak to those issues.

Ruthie Lindsey's book, There I Am, chronicles her story and journey from terrible accident to chronic pain and hopelessness to a life of joy and healing.  Some of those topics are covered in this Almost30 podcast including Plant Medicine and working through anger.


ruthie lindsey and jedidiah


Use the links below to listen to the whole podcast: Almost30 Podcast, Episode 200 with Ruthie Lindsey

  1. Direct Link to Episode on Almost30 Podcast:  Click Here
  2. Listen on Spotify:  Spotify Link Here 
  3. Listen on iTunes: iTunes Link Here

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