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Wanda Weller, Alterra pure co-founder is featured in this piece by PSFK and also on their PurpleList Podcast.

"At PSFK, we tried to support the conversation when the green movement emerged in the mid-2000s. We celebrated the new ideas that were being discussed  with articles about innovators and hosting talks by pioneers. Now a decade later, green as a concept has hydra’d into multiple strands: sustainability, social impact, sourcing transparency, workers rights and on and on.

It seems to us that there’s still much to do and that while we broaden the topic, we spend less and less time looking at the ‘green’ approaches of companies and industries. For a PSFK PurpleList podcast, I recently spoke to a pioneer who saw a misuse of the terms around sustainability and wanted to pioneer a new way for a brand to behave. After her career at Patagonia, Wanda Weller saw a confusing and misleading use of the term ‘organic’ in fabrics and she set out to build Alterra Pure, a new company focused on organic bedding."

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