Alterra Pure is proud to sponsor Almost30 Podcast, feat. Pia Baroncini

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Alterra Pure is proud to sponsor the Almost30 Podcast, Episode 195 featuring Pia Arrobio Baroncini.

Pia is a lauded apparel designer who brings realness to all she does.  Alterra Pure feels in sync with the vibe of honesty and vulnerability that is part of all her works.  The founder of Revolve brand LPA, Pia's has become the darling of Hollywood and fashion circles not because of her glitz, but because of her honesty.

It's honesty that draws Alterra Pure to such creators.  Our policy of no-secrets and complete transparency is not just buzzwords, we share every detail of what's in our organic cotton sheets, duvets, and mattress pads.

Listen to the entire podcast here:  Almost30 x Piao Baroncini

Surround yourself with the things you love for peace of mind and a good nights sleep.  - Pia Arrobio


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