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Anthropologie X Alterra Pure

There is something inspirational and beautiful to see in every corner of an Anthropologie store and Alterra Pure is proud to now occupy one of those spots.  Beginning November first, Alterra Pure is available at Anthropologie.  Our heirloom organic bedding is the perfect complement to the overall feel of Anthropologie.  Some have described an Anthropologie store as "walking into a hug from your kindergarten art teacher."


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Famously, Anthropologie has seven secrets for getting the Anthropologie look in your home.  Here are the seven secrets:

  1. a signature scent is a must
  2. select a piece of furniture as your room narrator
  3. follow a fluid style
  4. found pieces can add soul to your room
  5. you can reinvigorate your home by rearranging regularly
  6. see beauty in everyday, ordinary materials
  7. details.  details.  details.

You can gain more insight into these Anthropologie Secrets on in this piece on Apartment Therapy.


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Alterrra Pure is the perfect partner for Anthropologie.  Our attention to detail and focus on ingredients is very similar to the focus on texture and patterns which informs AnthroHome's direction.  Our organic certified, heirloom percale provides the perfect sleep as well as peace of mind.


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