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What We Learned at GOOD: A Wellness Festival

When we created Alterra Pure, every detail mattered – from non-GMO cotton seeds to the Indian farms and facilities we chose to work with to the traditional Percale weave and beyond. Like a mosaic, companies are the sum of their parts, and on a sunny day in downtown Los Angeles, we saw those parts beautifully assembled. Before GOOD: A Wellness Festival on February 3rd, we’d been pretty much working in a silo (figuratively, of course – organic percale cotton, unlike grain, is stored in a “module”). We didn’t know how people would react to another organic sheet company, especially one built around uprooting the way we think about organic labels, eco-conscious buzzwords, and the bedding most people disregard until laundry day.  

At this all-day health and wellness festival, we hosted a “rest and relaxation” lounge for guests to get cozy, feel our sheets, and learn about us. Inspiration was boundless, as we chatted with like-minded brands, wellness experts, and people who are equally passionate about social sustainability and slow living. Even as a week-old startup, guests were so open and engaged, ready to join our movement for healthier textiles. It warmed our hearts every time a face lit up when discussing the empowerment of our collective of farming villages and facilities or the strides to transparency we’re constantly working to improve. And as textile designers, the ultimate compliment was to see someone touch our sheets and say, “I’d love to sleep on these!”

alterra pure presents organic percale sheet sets

We founded this brand to be a part of something bigger – to make a ton of change, not a ton of money, and to foster community from India to Ojai to GOOD fest to your very own rest and relaxation lounge at home – your bedroom. We met our crowdfund goal not long after the event, and we’ll be using the additional backing to aid more lives and villages involved in the production of Alterra Pure.

alterra pure verifies the integrity of every organic cotton sheet set

If you’re reading this and attended GOOD fest, it was a pleasure meeting each and every one of you and learning about the meaningful lives you lead. We thank you for your time and fellowship in bringing this new system to fruition together. If you didn’t make it, we hope this little slice of GOODness inspires you to upgrade your sheets (and the planet).


Alterra Pure offers organic cotton that is certified, tested,  and verified in styles including organic percale duvets, duvet covers, and other bedding to assure the peace of mind of a pure nights sleep.  What you put on top of your mattress sits next to your skin for a third of your life.  We are committed to assuring the most healthful sleep possible.


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