Deborah Hanekamp a/k/a
Mama Medicine on Letitout
with Katie Dalebout Podcast

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Letitout with Katie Dalebout featuring Deborah Hanekamp, a/k/a Mama Medicine


Alterra Pure sponsored episode 241 of Katie Dalebout's Letitout podcast. This episode featured Deborah Hanekamp, also known as Mama Medicine.  Vogue Magazine called Deborah "fashion's favorite healer"  a couple years back and the title sorta stuck.  With seventeen years of experience, Deborah's work spans a variety of traditions and includes a blend of ancient practices and knowledge.


deborah hanekamp mama medicine


In this episode of Letitout with Katie Dalebout, Deborah and Katie discuss everything from auras to color and spirits, Ayahuasca, motherhood, and more.  Katie first met Mama Medicine at her NYC space during a dream decoding workshop.  Katie was gifted a medicine reading which eventually led to this discussion.  


mama medicine nyc deborah hanekamp


Alterra Pure is proud to sponsor podcasts as Letitout by Katiedalebout, especially where we get to share insights from people like Deborah Hanekamp / Mama Medicine.  Alterra Pure is committed to wellness through peace of mind in the sanctuary of sleep.  Our heirloom percale bedding from organic cotton creates the perfect sanctuary to rest and recharge.  Learn more about our transparency and organic cotton sheets throughout our website.


mama medicine deborah hanekamp


Use the links below to listen to the whole podcast: LetItOut with Katie Dalebout, Episode 241 with Deborah Hanekamp aka MamaMedicine

  1. Direct Link to Episode on LetItOut Podcast:  Click Here
  2. Listen on PlayerFM:  Spotify Link Here 
  3. Listen on iTunes: iTunes Link Here

Alterra Pure, a sponsor of this podcast episode, crafts organic cotton sheets for the best sleep of your life. See the links above for more information about our cool and crisp organic percale cotton.


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