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Alterra Pure sponsorship of Luke Storey's Lifestylist podcast included a recent appearance by Energy Muse.  This Southern California duo consists of Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro.  They started out with 

Heather, who had travelled the world in researching all things spiritual, found her Manhattan Beach home becoming a makeshift energy lab to test her holistic discoveries.  


energy muse heals holistic with crystals


In this episode of the Lifestylist podcast, Energy Muse discuss taking the “woo-woo” stigma out of crystals & simplifying the practice.  Some of the basic concepts discussed include how crystals intensify energy – good, bad, or otherwise while bigger and more is not necessarily better.

Luke and Energy Muse also tackle the well known and controversial question:  why are women inserting jade eggs into their vaginas?  We share here not only the links the podcast, but Luke shares the video of this discussion on YouTube.


energy muse meditation with crystals


Use the links below to listen to the whole podcast: Luke Storey's Lifestylist Podcast, episode 162, with Energy Muse.

  1. Direct Link to Luke Storey, Lifestylist Podcast:  Click Here
  2. Watch the Video of the Podcast here on YouTube:  YouTube Link Here
  3. Listen on Spotify:  Spotify Link Here 
  4. Listen on iTunes: iTunes Link Here

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