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J Seitz & Co, New Preston CT

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Alterra Pure is proud to call J Seitz one of our premier authorized stockists.  Customers at J Seitz enjoy the beautiful scenery including their 40' waterfall from the deck of their vintage building in the colonial village of New Preston, CT.  In the same location for 33 years, J Seitz is a New Preston landmark.


j seitz and co in New Preston CT

j seitz waterfall in New Preston

photo:  Scott Mullin/


J Seitz is a family owned emporium which attracts both locals and visitors alike with an eye for style who seeking well crafted design.  Joanna and Bill Seitz are joined by their daughter Amanda in seeking the latest in fashions and furnishings.  Like her mother, Amanda is a graduate of New York's Fashion Institute of Technology.

Amanda Seitz joins her mother and father, Joanna and Bill, in seeking out and presenting the latest in fashions, accessories and furnishings.


j seitz in new preston ct


J Seitz focuses both on the beautiful and the sustainable. Part of their philosophy to bring recycled and reused, beautiful objects to their customers.  As part of this initiative, Alterra Pure's organic and sustainable bedding is a perfect fit.  Whether for locals, second home dwellers, or celebrities, J Seitz will have the perfect items for your home.

Alterra Pure focuses upon ingredients to assure we bring integrity and comfort for the best night's sleep.  Our heirloom organic cotton percale sheets are cool and crisp providing the height of comfort.  Certified organic cotton sheets and organic cotton duvet covers provide peace of mind so you can dream away.

J Seitz & Co.
9 East Shore Road
New Preston, CT 06777
PH 860.868.0119


  • Monday - Saturday:  10:00 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Sunday:  11:00 AM - 5:00 PM


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