5 Things You Should Know About Your Eco Friendly Sheets

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And Why Alterra | Pure’s Commitment to Comprehensive Transparency Should Matter to You

Be honest, how often do you think about your sheets? Maybe when they need to be washed or when an ad shows up on your favorite social media feed. Other than that, we don’t spend a lot of time pondering our sheets or how they got onto the bed in the first place.

We value where our food comes from, how our clothes were made, what’s in our skincare products and yet, we don’t consider the bedding we have intimate contact with for about ⅓ of every single day. If you’re thinking about it now, that’s good.

There are many well-meaning, conscious brands out to change the textile market for the better, but they may not know as much as they think they do about what’s really in their products and process. So here in the new year, let’s start fresh by busting some common misconceptions about all the options out there.


Aren’t all organic sheets the same?

We wish. Many of the organic products on the market are not what they claim – often coming into contact with hazardous chemicals somewhere in the supply chain. Alterra Pure improves on organic certification by providing comprehensive, radical transparency. We not only have the visibility of knowing what isn’t in our sheets, but we know exactly what is, as well details of the production process and which cotton fibers are being used. The well-intentioned companies with organic and Fair Trade labels don’t always have that level of visibility, which can lead to potential problems at the fiber and production level. Alterra Pure thoroughly tests throughout the entire production process to guarantee the cleanest, purest, product available.   


Isn’t knowing what’s in our products what government tests are for?

Not really.  The government and FTC have no real standards for non-food items claiming organic status, like cotton.  Voluntary, third party certifications have filled-in some of the gap, but there is little in terms of verifying the product.  We, on the other hand, test for a variety of chemicals at every step of the process.  Working with a rotating list of toxins to look out for, to ensure our customers have complete clarity regarding what goes into our organic cotton sheets and next to your skin.

alterra pure verifies all organic cotton for our sheets and bedding 

But more and more products are made with organic and ethical practices, right? 

The opposite. Organic cotton only accounts for 0.7% of global cotton production, and the lack of visibility allows organic fraud, which hurts farmers and may be a reason that organic cotton production on a global scale is down nearly 50% over the past decade. Without visibility and verification, farmers can cheat the system with pesticides, GMO’s, or chemical fertilizers, call their product organic, and sell at a lower cost than true organic farmers.  With that understanding in mind, we go right to the source – our executive team visits and spot checks every facility from seed to sanctuary, so you can trust us to give you peace of mind and a restful sleep.


 organic cotton declining production every year so fewer sheets bedding and duvets

Doesn’t ‘Fair Trade’ mean all workers are receiving fair wages?

It’s half the story. Certified fair trade practices are great for the workers who have long been taken advantage of and are subjected to poverty-level wages, long hours, unsafe working conditions, illness caused by unhealthy environmental exposures, and sadly, high suicide rates. With that understanding, we’re taking fair trade practices to the streets, putting money back into the organic farming villages and facilities we work with, so workers are not only paid fairly, but empowered to grow their communities through ethical, attainable means. In a happy, healthy community, non-irrigation techniques, planting new pest-resistant cotton varietals, and recycling 100% of the water used in production can (and will) become the norm.


Why should I support Alterra Pure’s crowdfund?

First, the sheets. They have the quality and durability of a true homespun heirloom, with no unnecessary frills – just beautiful, deliberate design made with an innovative process, which is fundamentally good for the environment, the workers, and your health.  You’ll feel at home in our crisp, cool, classic Percale sheets that are not just certified, but verified organic, non-GMO, and even bee-friendly. When it comes to the cleanest sheets out there, we’ve (literally) got you covered.

So, if you long for a simpler life, where products are crafted with pure ingredients and passion-driven detail, then join us and awaken that slow-living spirit, while supporting a new system that can be applied to all home goods and beyond. Together, let’s create a new movement, forward.


Alterra Pure offers organic certified and verified sheets, duvets, duvet covers, and other bedding to assure the peace of mind of a pure nights sleep.  What you put on top of your mattress sits next to your skin for a third of your life.  We are committed to assuring the most healthful sleep possible.


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