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Why The World Needs Alterra Pure Now

Turn over the bottle of shampoo in your bathroom. What do you see?

Likely, a host of icons verifying the purity of the contents.

Now do the same with what’s in your refrigerator.

You might see ‘organic,’ ‘non-GMO’ or ‘vegan.’

And the items in your cupboards. The organic apple cider vinegar you use for everything. The BPA-free water bottle you carry to stay hydrated. The biodegradable laundry detergent with no artificial fragrances.

All with acronyms and certifications from trusted third party and government sources that tell you when brands and products are making responsible choices for the planet, the people and our home environment. 

But what about your bedding? We spend 1/3rd of our lives snuggled in bed, and we don’t know much about the fiber that shrouds our largest (and highly absorbent) organ – the skin. We created Alterra Pure because there’s a difference between products we think are sustainable, and products we know are sustainable.

It’s not hard to find ‘organic’ and ‘fair trade’ sheets, but there’s much more to the story that’s not being told. Even the most well-intentioned companies don’t really know what’s in their products – and neither do you. Even the new bedding brands on the market are using old production infrastructure with serious problems for the planet and the people. The truth is, organics are in decline. But we can do something about it.

organic cotton from india used for organic bedding 

So we traveled across the globe to tiny organic villages in India that practice regenerative farming methods – more than zero-impact cotton production, it’s positive impact production for the land and community. The village’s unique non-irrigation techniques and naturally pesticide-resistant cottons are only the beginning. From the seeds to the fabric finishing to the sewing and packaging – there are no secrets about our product, who makes it, and how.

And we’ll do it in a zero water waste facility in equitable partnership with the local community (who, because of these systems, aren’t in danger of pesticide poisoning).

The more conscious we have become, the more the textiles industry has reacted with strides toward safety and sustainability. But we’re not looking for a reaction, we’re looking for a reinvention. And we aren’t here to make a ton of money, we are here to make a ton of change!

At some level, we all yearn for the simpler times, when our basic home goods were naturally clean, simple, and well-made. That’s why we’re looking back at a time-tested organic method, while we look forward at today’s global economy to help us adopt, grow, and put to scale these techniques. We’re cultivating modern simplicity, starting with your sleep. 

Crisp, cool, organic, non-GMO, Fair Trade, cotton percale sheets, made in a way that is not only certified all those things, but verified through additional testing throughout the process – not just the end result. Have a look at how we’re revolutionizing transparency in manufacturing from seed to sanctuary, from the terrain to Alterra Pure.


Alterra Pure offers organic certified and verified sheets, duvets, duvet covers, and other bedding to assure the peace of mind of a pure nights sleep.  What you put on top of your mattress sits next to your skin for a third of your life.  We are committed to assuring the most healthful sleep possible.





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