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Alterra Pure is featured in the Home Gift Guide by Organic Spa magazine.  Organic Spa Magazine is a leader in wellness travel and lifestyles.  They offer expert advice that you can trust, often going through the noise and clutter to share inside knowledge.  They focus on wellness beauty products and that serve the leading spas and resorts.  See the entire article at Organic Spa Magazine.
organic spa magazine
organic spa magazine

Alterra Pure is honored to be featured by this publication which serves as the pinnacle source of information in natural beauty and wellness.  Alterra Pure focuses upon wellness textiles for the home with our heirloom organic bedding.   Cool and Crisp organic percale creates the perfect environment for a great night's sleep.  We certify the organic status of our cotton, but that is not enough.  We control every ingredient from the seed to packaging - and, we share all those details with you.  Peace of Mind is a great way to start a night's journey into rest.
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