Refinery 29: Top Sustainable Bedding Brands

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Alterra Pure is featured as one of the top brands of sustainable bedding by Refinery29 of the Vice Media group.  Alterra Pure is featured for our organic bedding along with our dedication to complete and absolute transparency.

You can link to the full article here:  Refinery29

refinery29 focus on sustainabillity



Alterra Pure is committed to your peace of mind and a great night's sleep.  It is this reason that we use only the finest ingredients that we discover by being on the ground in India and working directly with our farmers and coops.  It's not good enough to take someone's word, we verify. Only through attention to detail can we bring you the comfort and great feeling only available in our organic percale bedding.


refinery29 offers alterra pure


Learn more about organic integrity and transparency in the Under the Covers section of our website where we share all the details of what goes into our bedding.


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