Shaman Durek Shares Ancient Wisdom on the Luke Storey Podcast

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Alterra Pure is proud to sponsor the Lifestylist Podcast with Luke Storey.

In  episode #154, Shaman Durek discusses Spirithacking through ancient wisdom and tribal truth.

In this episode, Shaman Durek takes us on a journey where he calls on on ancient wisdom to understand the human condition in finding means of deep healing.


shaman durek acts as shaman for Gwyneth Paltrow of Goop

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Durek acts as a bridge between the spiritual and physical.  In bridging these planes, he applies ancient spiritual wisdom developed through years of concentrated study and practice.

Shaman Durek helps bring about success, happiness and healing. He comes from a family of spiritual practitioners including oracles and healers.

Listen as Luke Storey delves into topics such as how being in love with yourself is the most important spirit hack, listening to what your body needs, and how to face evil on this planet, with love.

Use the links below to listen to the whole podcast: Luke Storey's Lifestylist Podcast, episode 154, with Shaman Durek.

  1. Direct Link to Luke Storey, Lifestylist Podcast:  Click Here
  2. Watch the Video of the Podcast here on YouTube:  YouTube Link Here
  3. Listen on Spotify:  Spotify Link Here 
  4. Listen on iTunes: iTunes Link Here

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