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7 Tips for a Planning the Perfect Staycation that will leave you rested, relaxed, and totally rejuvenated

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"Invest in some luxury to help make your weekend feel like a real hotel stay.

Place some lovely fresh flowers in your bedroom, fill a bucket with ice and bring in the champagne!

Purchase some luxurious sustainable, fair-trade Alterra Pure hotel grade sheets that are so soft and high quality - you'll feel like you're sleeping in a fancy hotel!

Alterra Pure's regenerative cotton farms rely solely on rainwater -- no irrigation.  So, not only can you totally relax and sleep like a dream in these heirloom percale weave quality sheets that improve with age, but you can feel good about it too! AND you don't have to leave it behind in the hotel!

They're yours to sleep on night after night so you can get the real sleep and relaxation benefits of staying in a hotel, every night at home!"

Alterra Pure Thrive Global

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