About Us

Who We Are

We didn’t create Alterra Pure to make a ton of money - we started this to make a ton of change.

Finding inspiration in friends and neighbors who grow their own food and make their own bread - Alterra Pure builds textiles the way you would if you made them yourself. We can do this because of our extensive experience in textiles.

The path in our journey through textiles included responsibilities at brands such as Patagonia, West Elm, Adidas, Gruppo Tecnica, and others. We simply knew too much about the textile industry to not do something better, to take things a few steps further.

Our Vision

We seek to change the way business is done and challenge the market to do the same.

With so much experience in textiles, we look at things through a lens of optimistic skepticism. Is it really organic? Are you really benefiting the communities that make your product? These are the types of questions we asked . . . and we didn’t like the answers.

So, we created Alterra Pure as a completely open and no-secrets company. Being conscious means being aware of the process that brings the end result. Environmental and Social Sustainability aren’t marketing terms for us. We roll up our sleeves, go into the farming communities, and try to make a difference. When we engage in a social program, it entirely benefits our farming communities, the ones who make our bedding.

Our design

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
- Leonardo da Vinci

A key to sustainability is to eliminate all that is not necessary. The same is true for design.

Alterra Pure is designed deliberately with painstaking attention to detail. Not just the design of the product, but the design of the system and process to bring the product from seed to your sanctuary.

We consciously design with awareness of the impact on the planet and society. Only in that level of consciousness can we truly be sustainable.

Our commitment

  • We are committed to deliver a true and verified product
  • We are committed to sustainability
  • We are committed to fair trade with our partners
  • We are committed to the communities that build our product
  • We partner and support industry organizations to further our knowledge and capabilities, such as:

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