Organic Cotton Certification

Organic Seeds

Organic Seeds, free of GMO's or Bt Pesticide is the first step in organic integrity on the way to your bedroom via our organic cotton sheets. The Cotton ginner is vital in this process as they gather and manage the seeds at the end of each harvest and return those seeds to their organic cotton farm co-ops for return to the farmer. In an endless cycle as nature intended, organic cotton assures a chain of sustainability.

Organic Cotton Farms

Alterra Pure's organic farms are organized into various co-ops. In most instances, these co-ops are fair trade certified. Alterra Pure is working toward 100% fair trade certified for the near future. Organic farms work with no irrigation, though they do retain rain water to use as the rainy season comes to an end.

Organic Cotton Ginning

The Ginning Mill is the hub of organic cotton production as the Ginning Mill coordinates the organic farm co-ops while acting as seed-keeper to assure organic integrity.


Natural Organic Farm, located in Odisha, India, is an NGO organized to manage organic cotton farm co-ops in the Odisha region India. Alterra Pure partners with Natural Organic Farm owing to their quality, transparency, and integrity.


Mohini, known as Mohini Health & Hybiene, is an organic and fair trade certified supplier of organic cotton fiber for fill used in duvets or mattress pads. They focus on fiber fill and other organic cotton applications that require unprocessed cotton fiber. Mohini operates under GOTS organic cotton certification ONE-1744 and Fair Trade Flo-ID 37928.

Mohini Fibers -
Mattress Pad Filling

Mohini Fibers primary business is providing GOTS certified cotton fibers for the medical industry for products such as bandages and swabs. So Mohini is the perfect parter to supply GOTS certified organic cotton for the cotton fill in Alterra Pure's mattress pads.