Supply Chain

We believe you have a right to know what ingredients are in your bedding including who makes it & where. No Secrets.


Alterra Pure works directly with cotton farms and their ginning partners to assure organic integrity. Both Nature Organic Farm and Mohini work with their farming co-ops providing fair trade wages for organic cotton. Shown here, workers in the Ginning Mill in Odisha, India bagging seeds captured from that seasons harvest. The organic seeds then return to the farm coop to grow the next season's cotton crop.


Once we assure organic integrity of the cotton fiber, the raw material enters Birla Century for combing, carding, spinning, weaving and sewing. Birla is a LEED certified green factory with the most modern machinery including full water reclamation, recycle and reuse. No effluent leaves the factory. As a sustainability company, Alterra Pure accepts only the highest standards in environmental sustainability as Birla provides.


We deliberately created sustainable packaging of up-cycled and recycled materials. The outer shell of the box is constructed of scrap cotton up-cycled and re-constituted as cellulose pulp to make paper. The inner carton is recycled paper. Inks are water based and the packaging is biodegradable. Intended for second-life utility, after receipt, use this package to store magazine, catalogs or other items.