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Meeting the needs of the present
without compromising needs of the future

Sustainability is giving back as much as you benefit, whether it be from the soil, the water, or the farm.  Environmental and social sustainability are  pillars on which Alterra Pure is built.  Through deliberate design, organic verification, and partnerships with our farm co-ops, we assure first hand that social and environmental integrity is woven into every product.  And, we share all those details with you.



Alterra Pure purchases fair trade cotton providing a fair trade premium to the farmers. Yet, even with fair trade prices, organic farmers are struggling.

In fact, organic cotton production has declined almost 50% in the past decade. With almost no verification in the marketplace, organic fraud proliferates, driving down organic cotton prices and pushing organic farmers into conventional farming.

To assure organic farmers share in our success, Alterra Pure funds projects benefiting the organic villages that grow our cotton. Each project is linked to a production lot, so you can track that project associated with your purchase. Your support helps sustain organic farming for the future.


Alterra Pure is committed to full environmental sustainability. Our regenerative cotton farms rely on rain water using no irrigation. In fabric production, all water is recovered, recycled, and reused - no waste water or effluent leaves the factory. In fabric finishing, all finishing solutions exceed global standards for biodegradability and sustainability.

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