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Deliberate Transparency

Environmental and Social Sustainability are vital ingredients in our bedding. Explore the next steps we're trailblazing.

Deliberate Transparency

Empowering consciousness through
deliberate and absolute transparency

Consciousness requires a connection with the process, not just the final product.  We share every detail of our product and the process from seed to sanctuary:  the ingredients, those who make it, and where it's built.  With decades of textile experience, we know how to manage every detail of the process.  So, we have no secrets.

Alterra Pure is certified organic by GOTS - but that's not enough.  We go Beyond Organic.  We verify every ingredient, every farm, and every product to assure what we sell is completely organic and sustainable . . . and we share those details with you.

Like a fine chef, we believe ingredients form the basis of great product.  You spend a third of your life in bed - so enjoy peace of mind, we've got you covered for your best and healthiest nights sleep.

Supply Chain

From seed to sanctuary. We believe we owe you complete and absolute transparency in what goes into your bedding, where it's made and who's making that bedding. It's that simple.


Certification is a great start in the stewardship process. But it is just that - a process that assures a visible chain of custody at all points from seed to sanctuary. Below are links to Organic certifications for Alterra Pure as well as our partners. The certifications we share are available to the public at the online GOTS database. We share every detail for your peace of mind and a better nights sleep.


Verification is the test to show the Certification process worked. Trust . . . but verify. Certification is a great beginning. At Alterra Pure, we certify and verify to assure our product is organic. We test seeds, fiber, fabric, as well as final product to assure we deliver what we promise for your peace of mind.

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Alterra Pure is committed to sustainable packaging for all of our products. Here is an overview of our approach to eco-friendly packaging.

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